Improve marketing ROI

marketing_performance_navinkulkarniPeople have become good at ignoring advertisements and pay zero attention to even the most creative marketing campaigns.
Reason – It is not relevant to them.
It is all about what the business wants them to do.

If it does not sell, it isn’t creative – David Ogilvy

Just campaigns, budgets, creatives and conversion tracking will not be enough. Understanding  key principles of human behaviour is the key.
Successful marketeers always invest in knowing the real pulse of the audience.

Psychology helps in

  1. Understanding audience and their reasons for things they do
  2. Finding what matters to them and making yourself relevant to that
  3. Making an emotional connect with them with marketing
  4. Crafting easy to grasp yet effective campaigns
  5. Building solid relationships with people

Lets take your marketing beyond keyword research, trend analysis, user personas, campaign motoring and use the simple principles of psychology. Ready to work out for a surprising marketing ROI?