Handle customer grievances

customer_grCustomers complain when your business fails to meet their expectations.
Businesses often consider the customer grievances and support department to be the most cumbersome one.
But this happens to be a very significant part of business cycle and needs human touch. With help from psychology, you can definitely improve the pleasantness here.

It isn’t the complaint the customer remembers, but the outcome.
Isadore Sharp, founder – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Psychology helps you to

  1. Empathise about the customer problems and sense their mood
  2. Ask customers about the problems and understand them perfectly
  3. Improve ability to convey information in precise and friendly way
  4. Train support staff to be in symphony with other departments
  5. Refuse out of scope demands graciously and explain why
  6. Make the customers day a better one

Optimistic businesses see customer complains as opportunity for more business and get excited to work on it. They even call their support people as “happiness heroes” or “customer success champions”
Lets team together to help your customers.